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Seeing the Future with Imaging Science
Interdisciplinary Research Team Challenges

At the conference, participants were divided into interdisciplinary teams (IDR Teams) and remained in that group for the entire conference. Each team spent the majority of the conference developing a possible scientific plan to solve an outstanding challenge posed to it.  The composition of the groups was intentionally diverse, including researchers from science, engineering and medicine, as well as representatives from public and private funding organizations, university and government leadership and science journals.
The goals of the IDR Teams are to spur new thinking, to have people from different disciplines interact, and to forge new scientific contacts across disciplines. The groups are not expected to solve the particular challenges posed to them, but rather to come up with a consensus method of attack and a thoughtful plan for getting there.

On the second day of the conference, the IDR Teams gave a short report (5-6 minutes each group) to share their progress. A more extensive report was provided on the last day (about 12 minutes including Q&A), during which time each group:
  • Provided a concise statement of the challenge;
  • outlined a structure for its solution;
  • identified the most important gaps in science and technology and recommended research areas needed to attack the challenge;
  • indicated the benefits to society if the challenge could be achieved.
 Each IDR Team included a graduate student in a university science writing program. Based on the group interaction and the final briefings, the students wrote a group summary, which was reviewed by the team members. The summaries are available through the links below and as a publication Seeing the Future with Imaging Science through National Academies Press.

Eight challenges will be explored during this conference, including:
IDR 1: Develop a method to integrate neuroimaging technologies at different length and time scales.*

IDR 2:
Identify the mathematical and computational tools that are needed to bring recent insights from theoretical image science and rigorous methods of task-based assessment of image quality into routine use in all areas of imaging.*

IDR 3: Develop and validate new methods for detecting and classifying meaningful changes between two images taken at different times or within temporal sequences of images.**

IDR 4: Develop a telescope or starshade that would allow planetary systems around neighboring stars to be imaged.

IDR 5: How can we extend the domain of adaptive optics and adaptive imaging to new application, and how can we objectively compare adaptive and non-adaptive approaches to specific imaging problems?

IDR 6: What are the tools and validation methods required to develop clinically useful non-invasive imaging biomarkers of psychiatric disease?

IDR 7: Find novel ways to use imaging methods to improve the treatment of diseases.**

IDR 8: Develop image-specialized database tools for data stewardship and system design in large-scale applications.

A summary of the entire conference is also available: conference summary.

*Due to the popularity of these topics, two groups explored these challenges.
**Due to the popularity of these topics, three groups explored these challenges.